The Charleston Community Band

Band Roster (updated 4/13/2016)

Basil Kerr, Director
Susan DuPuis, Assistant Director

Melanie Campos, Data Analyst
Kathleen Flynn, IT Analyst
Debbie Halbrook, Yoga Teacher
Lindsey Hanna, Industrial Engineering
Alissa Herrold, Tech Support
Jessica Johnson, Coffee Shop Manager
Danielle Kelly, Music Teacher
Kate Kiel, Registered Nurse
Carley Lewis, Physicians' Manager
Krisy Marx, Mom
Lynne McCallum, Retired
Eric Montressor, US Navy
Joyce Moon, Educator
Elaine Oakley Caine, Retired
Bethany Tallman, Speech-Language Pathologist
Dotty Wright, Retired CFO
Garrett Mitchener, Math Professor
Jimmy Wilkinson, Retired Computer Science Professor

Tony Beck, Electrical Engineer
Claudette Brunet, Mortgage Banking
Gini Busser, Retired IT Manager
George Campbell
Brittany DelSignore, Band Director
Beth Johnson, Pharmacist
Rick Karam, Business Owner
John Kozma
Bill Lee, Internet Marketing/Sales
Maria Pettis, Music Educator
Lisa Randle, Server
Fritz Saenger, Engineering Marketing Consultant
Mary Scholtens, Music Educator
Ray Willard, Retired Band Director/Marathon Runner

Ellen Dykeman, Retired IT Professor
Rhonda Long

Bass Clarinet
Jack Hayes, Senior Software Engineer
Wayne Whittard, Retired

Alto Saxophone
Kyle Babb, Music Educator
Robert Lavarnway, Parks & Recreation
Pamela Marsh, Physical Therapist
Kimberly Pirkel, Rental Manager

Tenor Saxophone
Joshua Dees, Web Programmer
Jamerson Magwood, Technical Writer
Wilton Stewart, Retired US Navy Captain

Baritone Saxophone
Stanley Zuber, Retired Band Director
Chris Bennett, MUSC Information Security Analyst
Wayne Dean, Supply Chain Analyst
Lillian Garcia, Radio Producer
Jeff Hooven, Retired Army Bandsman
Richard Nelson, Retired IT Director
David Pumphrey, Retired


Walter Bailey, Retired Band Director
Dan Bellack, Professor

Chester Caswell, Retired Educator

Susan Dupuis, Music Instructor/Financial Manager
Harry Dykeman, Retired IT Sales Director

Diane Garrity, IT/ Cyber Security

Ted Melchers, Dentist
Steven Normoyle, Network Admin/Security
Dennis Smith, Retired

John Spitler, Band and Orchestra Teacher

French Horn

Brian Reed, Musician
Suzanne Reed, Band Director
Mark Reed
Pinckney Smith, Electrical Engineer
David Steele, Assistant Grocery Manager
Jay Walker, Tour Guide
Lois Wilson, Medical Receptionist
Steven Wu, Engineer


Carrie Bates, Musician
Adam Cain, Paralegal

Doyle Church, Retired US Navy Bandmaster

Marcia Grant, Secretary for Clerk of Council

Robert Juzups, Engineer
Jason Payne, Resident Physician - Pediatrics


Frances Baker, Stay at Home Mom
Scott Heisler, Project Manager
  Bill Miller, Retired Band Director/School Proncipal
Ken Ritsema, Civil Service
John Wilson, Auto Parts Manager


Brian Cheuvront, Fisheries Manager
Dick Foreman, Retired
Evan Kosin, Software Engineer